Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Story Behind Rustic White Pine from Rajala Millwork

In the process of nurturing and growing some of the world's finest and healthiest Eastern White Pine trees, we lose quite a few along the way.  But they are not lost completely.  The dead standing or downed trees will remain sound and intact for many years, continuing to provide aesthetic, ecological, and wildlife value.  

The images and video below depict the story of dead White Pine being utilized and turned into fantastic products.  You can search the world over for unique and high quality products, and you won't find any better than what Rajala Millwork produces right here at home in Northern Minnesota.

Tree hugger, industrialist, author, and owner of Rajala Millwork, John Rajala, shown with one of the thousands of monster old growth White Pine growing on Rajala timberlands.  The many areas on which we grow these big trees are logged infrequently, and thus a number of them partially or completely succumb to old age.  

A partially dead standing White Pine

A completely dead standing White Pine alongside a healthy White Pine.  We typically will harvest the dead and leave the healthy.  

 A White Pine that is in the advanced stages of decay alongside of two healthy Birch trees.  These were harvested in a thinning at Sugar Hills south of Grand Rapids, MN.  This White Pine was actually down and on the ground for a number of years before we could get this area into our logging schedule.  By the time we got to it the outer portion of the tree was unusable, but most of the interior of the tree could still be salvaged for lumber. 

Sawing a log harvested from a dead standing White Pine tree in the Rajala Millwork sawmill in Bigfork, MN.  Production Manager / Master Sawyer Ron Rooker is doing the sawing in our historic and highly effective sawmill.  Rooker, Saw Filer Greg Powell, Millwork Plant Manager Darren Romans, and owner John Rajala work closely together on the sawing patterns for each species and quality of log.  Having a skilled and seasoned team that understands the forestry, manufacturing, and marketing process is a huge asset to our organization. 

Raw White Pine lumber all graded and sorted as DeadWood.  Kiln drying and handling this grade is quite tricky and requires special care.

White Pine Tongue & Groove Paneling from Rajala Millwork.  Our End-Matched T&G White Pine is second to none.  This photo shows a few pieces of "Rustic" grade mixed in with the Premium healthy pieces.  This mix or even straight "Rustic" is a customer favorite.  The "Rustic" grade is made from DeadWood.  Learn more at   .

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