Friday, September 13, 2013

Rajala Mill - Big Old White Pine sawn into Wide Planks and 8" x 8" Timbers

It takes a special log and a special mill to be able to produce 4 big timbers and a bunch of wide planks from a single log.  (It also takes 250 years of growth, a big old windstorm, and a seasoned logging crew.)  This mill may be 111 years old (really, it is) but it's as capable as any modern mill in the world of doing quality work.

Hats off to the logging crew and sawmill crew at Rajala - you make this look way easier than it is.  I'm proud to have you as employees.


DeMeritus said...

DeMeritus here, penning from WI. Thanks to you, John, I've seen that mill in action, smelled the sawdust and bark, up close. It is fascinating and impressive. I do hope that the local schools get to visit on occasion?

Mikko Rajala said...

Some of my best work experiences I got from there... Big hello to everyone! Waiting to be back..