Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Februay 2013 - Missing Summer

Old Man Winter is reminding us this year that he still exists.  That's a good thing.  But I miss summer nonetheless.    Here's a photo from June 2011 of  a White Pine thinning that we did along the shore of Wolf Lake.  This young White Pine stand preceded our planting program.  It is one of our first opportunities at managing a young White Pine stand which has just reached commercial size.  Note that we  have already begun to budcap the natural regeneration.  We're getting some decent Red Oak in with White Pine regeneration, too.

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TD said...

Looks like a scene from "The Magic of Oil Painting" or "Joy of Painting"... take your pick between Bill Alexander or Bob Ross. The obvious serenity in the foreground masks the below-the-surface feeding activity of the bass lunkers of Wolf Lake, to which the eye of any outdoorsman is undoubtedly drawn. You should keep the lakes out of the background of your tree photos if you want our complete attention. I like to think of your budcap system as parenting, for it's a very real manifestation to young trees of what we all do virtually with our kids - try and raise 'em up straight and sturdy ...and commercially viable, eh? :)