Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oak Budcap Update

Well, I thought that we had finalized the Oak budcap method (see earlier posts).  However, the results from late winter 2011/2012 and early results from fall 2012 have caused us to reconsider.

The photo on the left shows 3 budcaps.  The bottom one was from last year and luckily stayed in place.  The second one  from the bottom is a failed budcap from this year.  The staples didn't hold - probably due to rain and early wet snow.  The top budcap is a new one for this year using our new method.

The photo above to the right shows the new method, basically the same as the one we last settled on, except driving two staples through the stem rather than one.  This appears to do a much better job of holding the budcap in place.

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