Sunday, May 25, 2008

For Starters

My life is all about family, trees, making wood, enjoying the forest life (and an occasional trip out of the forest), and being ultimately thankful to God from Whom all of these gifts are received.

It is my hope that documenting my journey will inspire others to search for sustainability and meaning. We are not here long, but our legacies in large part will determine the opportunities and challenges of future generations.

Please forgive my use of forest metaphors. The forest is where I was born and where I learned to live. The forest is how I feed my family. The forest is how I interact with the new world of global commerce. The forest is the place I find peace and recreation. For me the health, use, and enjoyment of forests will determine the future.

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TNW said...

Like your blog site, photos, and thoughts -- time out gives us a chance to reflect and re-teach ourselved what we may have forgotton along the way. Gary